We are located on the second floor (rooms 2000, 2000E, and
​2027) of the TLSB (Terasaki Life Sciences Building) at UCLA. 

Email: gxxiao `at’ ucla.edu; 
Office: (310)-206-6522
Lab: (310)-206-6774

Mailing address:
610 Charles E. Young Drive S
Terasaki Life Sciences Building, Room 2000E 
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1570


Postdoc positions

Postdoc positions for wet-lab experimental biologist are available to study RNA-related gene regulatory mechanisms. Successful applicants should have the following qualities: (1) demonstrated experience in RNA biology, molecular or cell biology experiments, (2) strong publication record, (3) highly motivated, career-oriented and hard-working, and (4) interested to be involved in multi-disciplinary research combining traditional molecular biology with genomics and computational approaches.

Bioinformatics postdoc positions are also available in the area of genomics. The projects utilize high-throughput sequencing technologies, machine learning methods and statistical modeling approaches. Successful applicants should have the following qualities; (1) demonstrated experience in Bioinformatics research, (2) strong publication record, (3) highly motivated, career-oriented and harding-working, and (4) interested to work with a multi-disciplinary team combining genomics and computational approaches with experimental biology. 

Our work brings together genomics, bioinformatics, systems biology and molecular biology to achieve a deeper understanding of gene regulation. The research program offers comprehensive training and research opportunities for postdoctoral fellows interested in a scientific career in molecular and systems biology. 

Applicants should email a description of research interest, curriculum vitae, the names and contact details of three references to Dr. Xiao (gxxiao `a’ ucla.edu). Please indicate “postdoc application” in the title of the email. 

Graduate Students

​Positions are available for graduate students at UCLA interested in computational and/or experimental studies of genomics. Please contact Dr. Xiao for details. 

Potential students should apply through one of the following graduate programs at UCLA: